What is Traveling Mat?

Traveling Mat is a concept that we here, at Golden State Art, started and created to inspire you. Using our mat board you can take shots of your favorite places and sign on our signature-friendly mats. Traveling Mat is also beyond the naked eye, when you see our mats traveling across the country, you can see how your memories can be matted.

  1. Mat what you can see
  2. Mat your own perspective
  3. Manifest your artistic vision and reality

We started The Traveling Mat to inspire artists, designers, and photographers alike. We believe in the power of adventure and experience. We also believe in the importance of capturing life’s special moments so that you can relive them for years to come. As a company specializing in frames and mat boards, we wanted to show you just how powerful a mat board is in the retention of these memories. We also wanted to show how you can turn a simple scene into a beautiful shot. 

Located in the beautiful Bay Area, we also wanted to show you our community and the vibrant life and places to be seen here. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Coit Tower, we use the traveling mat to not only show off this beauty, but to see it ourselves, making for an authentic and in the moment experience. 

We also document company and individual trips, using the Traveling Mat as our tour guide. The project inspires us to find and visit places we would not have otherwise visited. As we travel many places and attend many different events in our personal lives, we share insights in the places we visit. We also share the locations in case you’re in the area, you can definitely visit. You can also share your favorite places in your city, so all artists can visit when they're in the area.




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How can I start doing The Traveling Mat and what do I need?

You would simply need one of our mat boards, in any color or size, and a camera or phone.

As you travel whether it be for a wedding, vacation, visit loved ones, you can easily bring one of our mat boards (sizes 11x14 and smaller is recommended, so it can fit in your carry on or even check-in luggage). Once you reach your destination, take an image of the area/ view you desire using the mat board. You can choose to use one hand, while using the other hand to hold the camera to take a picture. Or you can have someone hold up the mat board, while you stand behind to take the picture. Either way is easy to do. We personally use both ways, each has it's own cool angle. Feel free to play around with it. 

Just to add something extra, where you travel - you can wear a bracelet that represents that country you're visiting and take a picture with as well. Just like the image you see above from Oahu, HI.


Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Place the mat board straight across when taking the image. To help you make sure it is straight, you can align the mat with the top part of what shows on your phone/ camera.
  2. If it is windy, you can use an 8-PLY mat board, as a typical 4-PLY mat will waver from the wind.
  3. Be sure the sun is behind you, if the sun is in front where your mat board is - the image will be dark.

If you're interested in knowing more tips and ideas, please let us know so we can create more content for you. Including a behind the scenes video. 

Be sure to use the hashtag #thetravelingmat on your social media to show off how we have inspired you and you could be featured on our platforms!  



Embrace Your Reality Through Your Artistic Visions

Appreciating artistry from all backgrounds of lives.


Inspired to Inspire

We believe that every person is an artist in their own way. We know there is so much to see in this world and we created our Traveling Mat to be used globally showing the rest of the world a bit of your lives. Or a bit of your favorite place. Or even a bit of events happening today, to bring awareness. We hope that our Traveling Mat can inspire you as it inspires us till this day. 

Our purpose for the #thetravelingmat :

  1. Inspire people to embrace their reality
  2. Showing the beauty of the world
  3. Showing all roses and thorns

We hope you enjoy our creative project and that it inspires you in your creative endeavours.