Golden State Art Artist Spotlight Form

Important Information

Please provide at least two sentences in your responses to allow for a substantial spotlight. Not doing so may result in disqualification.

If you cannot meet this requirement please do not proceed with filling out this form.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Please answer the following questions and provide the requested attachments to better assist us in completing your spotlight.

Ideal Image Quantity: 6-8, if you have an image of yourself please feel free to include it to put a face to the Spotlight.

Images can have signature and/or watermarks.

If possible, please ensure image files are named as the name of the artwork or photo so that this can be included in the spotlight.

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We ask this to respect you, know how to address you, and how to refer to you in your Artist Spotlight article and associated content.
Images for Sootlight (6-8 Recommended. Named,Image files not exceeding 2MB)
Questions for Spotlight - Two Sentence Answers Required
1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from/based out of? How long have you been an artist or photographer?
2. What inspired you to begin art or photography?
3. What do you enjoy the most about being an artist or photographer?
4. What is one of your favorite photographs or art pieces and why? (This can be one of your own or another artist’s)
5. What subject do you enjoy photographing or painting the most and why?
6. What or who inspires you when starting a project or piece and why?
7. What advice would you give to aspiring artists or photographers?
8. How did you hear about Golden State Art?
9. How has our company and/or products helped you in your work?
10. Do you have a new project/piece you are currently working on? (This question is for if you have announced said project, and will give the opportunity to promote it here for readers. This field is not required for the submission)