Artist Spotlight

  1. Artist Spotlight: Antonio Abad

    Artist Spotlight: Antonio Abad

    Antonio Abad is a Canada based artist, photographer, florist, and stylist. His love for art and design boomed in 2016, and in November of 2020 he launched his business, Mister Antonio Art. Read more about Antonio in this Artist Spotlight!

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  2. Artist Spotlight: Ilisa Millermoon

    Artist Spotlight: Ilisa Millermoon

    Ilisa Millermoon is an Intuitive Energy Artist based in North Carolina. For the past 16 years she has worked as a Spiritual Mentor and artist for women ready to heal and live a fulfilling life. Read more about Ilisa in this Artist Spotlight! 

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  3. Artist Spotlight: Bryan Clocker

    Artist Spotlight: Bryan Clocker

    Bryan Clocker is a printmaker and illustrator based in New England. He started Mountain Bird Studios in 2018 where he offers vibrant nature and wildlife inspired prints and illustration. Read more about Bryan in this Artist Spotlight! 

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  4. Artist Spotlight: Anuraag Sood

    Artist Spotlight: Anuraag Sood

    Anuraag Sood is an artist and physician based in Maryland. She founded her art business, HeartScapeArt MD in 2018, and all proceeds from her website are donated to local cancer centers in her area. Read more about Anuraag in this Artist Spotlight!

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  5. Artist Spotlight: Brian Wallace

    Artist Spotlight: Brian Wallace

    Brian Wallace is an artist and author residing in Folsom, California. His award-winning artwork consists of watercolor and digital illustration inspired by his home state and his travels. Read more about Brian in this Artist Spotlight! 

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  6. Artist Spotlight: Kellie Chasse

    Artist Spotlight: Kellie Chasse

    Kellie Chasse is an artist and online art instructor residing in Old Towne, Maine. She teaches over thirty thousand students from all around the world and has been the Featured Artist at the Portland Maine International Jetport since 2014. Read more about Kellie in this Artist Spotlight!

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  7. Artist Spotlight: Allison Daw

    Artist Spotlight: Allison Daw

    Allison Daw is an artist based in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is the artist behind Day Three Creations, an online shop offering herbarium specimen art featuring pressed plant life from various locations. Read more about Allison in this Artist Spotlight!  

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  8. Artist Spotlight: Tove Koch

    Artist Spotlight: Tove Koch

    Tove Koch is an artist and photographer based in Washington state. Inspired by nature and her childhood living in the Swedish countryside, Tove creates art that incorporates both nature and unrealistic elements, and photographs life through her camera lense. Read more about Tove in this Artist Spotlight! 

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  9. Artist Spotlight: Josh Seubert

    Artist Spotlight: Josh Seubert

    Josh Seubert is an illustrator based out of Milwaukee, WI and the artist behind TownsvilleArt, a shop offering unique illustrations of cities, states, universities, and more. Read more about Josh in this Artist Spotlight! 
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  10. Artist Spotlight: Angie Welch

    Artist Spotlight: Angie Welch

    Angie Welch is an artist, medium, and psychic resding in Maine. She has been creating art all of her life, and began incorporating it into her work when she became a full-time, professional medium in 2012. Read more about Angie in this Artist Spotlight! 

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