Artist Spotlight

  1. Artist Spotlight: Christina Ivanna

    Artist Spotlight: Christina Ivanna

    Christina Ivanna is an artist based in Rochester, New York. In addition to creating art, she also enjoys playing the harp and is a harp and color vibrational healer at a wellness center in Rochester. Read more about Christina in this Artist Spotlight.

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  2. Artist Spotlight: Kei Ito

    Artist Spotlight: Kei Ito

    Kei Ito is a visual artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. He creates beautiful installation art focusing on social issues and has been featured in exhibitions all over the country. Read more about Kei in this Artist Spotlight!

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  3. Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Dryden

    Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Dryden

    Elizabeth Dryden is a professional artist based in Dallas, Texas. She creates beautiful, Southwestern inspired artwork that has been featured in many art shows and festivals. Read more about Elizabeth in this Artist Spotlight!

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  4. Artist Spotlight: Trace Deaton

    Artist Spotlight: Trace Deaton

    Trace Deaton is a photographer, artist, and musician residing in Georgetown, Kentucky. Considered the "horse capital of the world" many of Trace's photographs depict equestrian scenes, while his artography and model portraits depict the beauty of people and of Trace's creative mind. Read more about Trace in this Artist Spotlight!

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  5. Artist Spotlight: Lane Dunyak

    Artist Spotlight: Lane Dunyak

    Lane Dunyak is an artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina. A professional artist for over 20 years, Lane creates beautiful flowers through her art. Read more about Lane in this Artist Spotlight!

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  6. Artist Spotlight: Rick Osann

    Artist Spotlight: Rick Osann

    Rick Osann is a watercolor artist based in Maine. A nearby resident of Acadia National Park, Rick captures the beauty of his surroundings through his artwork. Read more about Rick in this Artist Spotlight.

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  7. Artist Spotlight: Sandy Herrault

    Artist Spotlight: Sandy Herrault

    Sandy Herrault is a professional violinist and artist based in Asheville, North Carolina. Read more about Sandy in this Artist Spotlight!

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  8. Artist Spotlight: Angeli Coover

    Artist Spotlight: Angeli Coover

    Angeli Coover is a professional artist based in Wyoming. She depicts the beauty of nature's flowers in her colorful artwork. Read more about Angeli in this Artist Spotlight. 

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  9. 32 Artist Spotlights of 2021

    32 Artist Spotlights of 2021

    In this post, we roundup the 32 Artists we spotlighted in our Artist Spotlight program in 2021. 

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  10. Artist Spotlight: Lily Yllescas

    Artist Spotlight: Lily Yllescas

    Lily Yllescas is a wildlife artist and photographer based in Pasadena, California. Her beautifully detailed illustrations have been featured in publications and contests throughout the Pasadena area. Read more about Lily in this Artist Spotlight!

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