Artist Spotlight

  1. Artist Spotlight: Laura Cunningham

    Artist Spotlight: Laura Cunningham

    Laura Cunningham is an artist residing in California. She combines her passion for graphic design, photography and painting to create unique art pieces that combine these talents. Read more about Laura in this Artist Spotlight! 

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  2. Artist Spotlight: Bryan Collins

    Artist Spotlight: Bryan Collins

    Bryan Collins is an artist and author residing in St. Augustine, Florida. He became an artist full time in 2006, and has been creating art ranging from nautical fantasy to pop culture inspired pieces since. Read more about Bryan in this Artist Spotlight!

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  3. GSArtist Spotlight: Kenn Vidro

    GSArtist Spotlight: Kenn Vidro

    Kenn Vidro is an artist, author, and retired art instructor residing in Michigan. His art consists of illustrations, cartoons, and fan art, and he is the autor of a series of riddle and tongue twister books. Read more about Kenn in this Spotlight! 

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  4. 20 Spotlights of 2020

    20 Spotlights of 2020

    We've rounded up the 20 Client Spotlights of 2020 in this post!

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  5. Client Spotlight: Jeremy Scarbrough

    Client Spotlight: Jeremy Scarbrough

    Jeremy Scarbrough is a professional photographer and United States Marine Corps veteran. His captivating fine art and portrait photography has earned awards and publications. Read more about Jeremy in this Client Spotlight!

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  6. Client Spotlight: Tim Baca

    Client Spotlight: Tim Baca

    Tim Baca is a storm chaser and photographer in New Mexico. His passion for photography and the beauty of his home state have produced many beautiful images of storms, landscapes, and the state's famous hot air balloons. Read more about Tim in this Client Spotlight!

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  7. Client Spotlight: Charles Jensen

    Client Spotlight: Charles Jensen

    Charles Jensen is an art lover, collector, and founder of Charles Scott Gallery, a Los Angeles gallery offering a diverse selection of artwork. Read more about Charles and Charles Scott Gallery in this Client Spotlight!

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  8. Client Spotlight: Jim Livingston

    Client Spotlight: Jim Livingston

    Jim Livingston is a professional photographer based in Amarillo, Texas. He has been photographing many different subjects, including people, landscapes, and hot air balloons since he was child. Read more about Jim in this Client Spotlight! 

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  9. Client Spotlight: Mary Cowan

    Client Spotlight: Mary Cowan

    Mary Cowan is an Iowa based watercolor artist and founder of Adventure Illustrations, LLC. Her love for travel and art has inspired many pieces throughout the years, from landscapes to funny animals. Read more about Mary in this Client Spotlight!

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  10. Client Spotlight: Fiammy Dizon

    Client Spotlight: Fiammy Dizon

    Fiammy Dizon is an artist and 8th grade English teacher residing in Daly City, California. She creates completely unique and mesmerizing pieces of art with an abstract fluid style using many different mediums, most notably alcohol inks. Read more about Fiammy in this spotlight! 

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