Client Spotlight

  1. Client Spotlight: Dean Mayo

    Client Spotlight: Dean Mayo

    Dean Mayo is a Southern California based photographer. His career as a Golf Professional put him on the road to becoming a photographer in 2005, and he has been capturing everything from golf courses to architecture ever since. Read more about Dean in this Client Spotlight!

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  2. Client Spotlight: Brooke Connor

    Client Spotlight: Brooke Connor

    Brooke Connor is a wildlife and children's book illustrator in Boulder, Colorado. Read more about Brooke in this Client Spotlight! 

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  3. Client Spotlight: Rhonda McMillan

    Client Spotlight: Rhonda McMillan

    Rhonda McMillan uses natural elements to craft one-of-a-kind art pieces depicting scenes of people, birds, flowers and more. Read more about Rhonda and her work in this Client Spotlight!

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  4. Client Spotlight: Bonnie Ziskin

    Client Spotlight: Bonnie Ziskin

    Client Spotlight Bonnie Ziskin is an abstract artist who began her art career at the age of 70 after being diagnosed with cancer and overcoming a "fear of failure." Read more about Bonnie's journey below!

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  5. Client Spotlight: Paula Farino

    Client Spotlight: Paula Farino

    Paula Farino is an artist who began her career as a professional painter in 2011.Her beautiful, "windows to the unseen" approach to art make her work unique and awe-inspiring. Read more about Paula's journey here.  

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  6. Client Spotlight: Sherry Blandin

    Client Spotlight: Sherry Blandin

    Client Spotlight Sherry Blandin began her photography career at the age of 67 after a long and rewarding career as a fourth-grade teacher. Now, she captures the beauty of Arizona through the lense of her Canon camera. 

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  7. Client Spotlight: Rainer Neumann

    Client Spotlight: Rainer Neumann

    Rainer Neumann wears many hats; photographer, painter, poet, songwriter, and this week: the Golden State Art Client Spotlight. 

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  8. Client Spotlight: Allie Richards

    Client Spotlight: Allie Richards

    Allie Richards is a photographer and photography instructor based Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This week we spotlight Allie and her journey as a photographer. 

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  9. Client Spotlight: Michelle Ware

    Client Spotlight: Michelle Ware

    Michelle Ware, an artist in Northern California, is our Client Spotlight this week. Read more about her life, work, and passion for art and painting. 

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  10. Client Spotlight: Martirene Alcantara

    Client Spotlight: Martirene Alcantara

    This week we recognize Martirene Alcantara, a photographer and art director, as our Client Spotlight. 

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