Mat Boards

Mat boards help your artwork look even better. But don’t get it wrong, they’re not just a pretty face—mat boards help protect your artwork as well. 

Not matting your artwork can lead to:

  • Water damage
  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Paint smearing on the glass
  • Photographs sticking to the glass
  • Other damages that physically destroy the piece

Don’t let your artwork suffer. Grab a mat board. 


Acid Free Mat Boards

  • 4-ply (1.4 mm or 1/16” thick)
  • Acid-Free
  • 30 different colors to choose from (depending on size)
  • Lasts for several years depending on how you take care of them

Perfect for:

  • Standard framing projects
  • Selling prints
  • Art/photography club projects
  • Arts and crafts


Conservation Archival Mat Boards

  • Lignin-free + acid-free (100+ years shelf life)
  • Only comes in white 

Perfect for:

  • Protecting fine art and originals
  • Selling art at upscale art exhibitions
  • Museums


Backing Board

Backing boards support and protect your framed artwork.

By mounting your artwork onto a backing board, you prevent any warping that may happen from humidity or from your artwork moving around. 


  • White on both sides, core is chipboard
  • Treated on both sides so surfaces are acid-free
  • 1/16” thick



  • White all around
  • ⅛” thick
  • non-archival 

Clear Bags

Have artwork you’d like to sell? Need to protect them from the elements? 

Grab some clear bags to protect your prints at your art exhibition.  


Art Supplies

We carry a wide selection of art supplies to help you mount, display, or even repair your artwork. We carry trusted brands, ensuring that we provide high quality products for every artistic need.