We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on the talented artist and photographer, Susan Stilling, hailing from the picturesque city of Calgary, Canada. Amid the challenges of the Covid era, Susan found solace and passion in the art of photography, joining a Photoclub and discovering a profound love for capturing the beauty of nature.

by Susan Stilling pictured above.


Susan's journey into the world of art and photography was inspired by her lifelong fascination with nature. She finds immense joy in photographing wildlife, particularly birds, ducks, gorillas from Uganda, and cheetahs from Massai Mara. For Susan, the ability to encapsulate these mesmerizing moments in her own unique way is what she enjoys most about being an artist and photographer.

When asked about her favorite photograph or art piece, Susan fondly mentions her gorilla from Uganda and her cheetahs from Massai Mara. These pieces hold a special place in her heart, as they represent the breathtaking encounters she has had with these majestic creatures.

by Susan Stilling pictured above.


The subject that Susan enjoys photographing the most is animals, humorously noting that they don't talk back. Her work is a testament to her deep connection with the natural world, and her photographs beautifully convey the untamed spirit of the animal kingdom.

For Susan, the sheer beauty of nature serves as a constant wellspring of inspiration when starting a new project or piece. Her advice to aspiring artists and photographers is simple yet profound: "Keep going, after all it’s what you like that matters!" Her words resonate with anyone embarking on a creative journey, emphasizing the importance of staying true to one's passion.

Susan discovered Golden State Art through a Google search for mats, and our company's products have played a vital role in showcasing her work. The quality framing provided by Golden State Art has enhanced the presentation of her photographs, allowing them to shine even brighter.

by Susan Stilling pictured above.


As Susan continues to pursue her artistic endeavors, she is currently working on her South American photos, promising an exciting new project for her audience to look forward to.

We are honored to feature Susan Stilling in our Artist Spotlight project, and we eagerly anticipate the captivating works that she will create in the future. Her dedication to capturing the essence of nature through her lens is truly inspiring, and we are grateful to be a part of her artistic journey.