In the vibrant realm of Chicago-based media creation, Joan Tortorici Ruppert stands as a multifaceted artist whose journey has seamlessly intertwined the realms of television and photography. In this Artist Spotlight, we delve into the creative psyche of Joan, exploring the inspirations that fuel her passion and the projects that have come to define her unique artistic voice.

Joan's artistic roots trace back to her late father, Joe Tortorici, a skilled photographer whose legacy ignited her own artistic flame. In 2019, Joan embarked on a profound journey, curating and digitizing her father's estate photography collection, birthing two captivating projects: "The Shoebox Negatives" and "Making the Cut."

Try, try, and try again. Then do it again tomorrow.
Joan Tortorici Ruppert

"The Shoebox Negatives" serves as a poignant retrospective, showcasing Joe Tortorici's original black-and-white images. This collection is a testament to the timeless beauty of photography and a heartfelt homage to the artistic legacy passed down through generations.

Intriguingly, Joan's creativity takes a unique turn with "Making the Cut." This offshoot project involves the manipulation of selected vintage images using a blend of analog and digital techniques. The result is a captivating exploration of visually altered narratives that challenge conventional perspectives.

by Joan Tortorici Ruppert pictured above.

Joan expresses an endless fascination with the possibilities within her craft. Every success and failure propel her to strive harder, think more creatively, and embrace chances, a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of her artistic journey.

Henk Hilterman's 1949 photograph holds a special place in Joan's heart. The image of a father and son carrying a Christmas tree exudes a timeless simplicity, capturing a moment of serene connection between two souls against the backdrop of a brick street.

by Joan Tortorici Ruppert pictured above.

Motivated by a ceaseless desire to improve, Joan finds inspiration in the challenge of pushing her creative boundaries. The ever-present ticking of deadlines serves as a constant motivator, urging her to explore new avenues and create captivating narratives.

Discovering Golden State Art through web and Amazon searches proved to be a pivotal moment for Joan. Golden State Art became an invaluable resource during the preparation for her first solo exhibition. The professional, consistent, and tasteful framing of her prints added a polished touch to her presentation.

by Joan Tortorici Ruppert pictured above.

For aspiring artists and photographers, Joan offers simple yet profound advice: "Try, try, and try again. Then do it again tomorrow." A testament to the resilience required in the pursuit of artistic excellence.

Currently, Joan continues to weave her artistic narrative, working on new composite images for "Making the Cut" while simultaneously bringing her father's estate images to life through "The Shoebox Negatives." Both projects can be explored at Joan's website(

by Joan Tortorici Ruppert pictured above.

In the intricate dance between analog and digital, past and present, Joan Tortorici Ruppert crafts a visual symphony that resonates with depth and emotion. Golden State Art is proud to be a part of her artistic journey, providing the support needed to elevate her work to new heights. As Joan continues to explore the boundless realms of creativity, we eagerly await the visual stories she has yet to unfold.

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