"Brooklyn Brownstone" by Leonardo Ruggieri pictured above.

Leonardo Ruggieri is an artist born in Italy and immigrated to the United States at an early age. He has been creating art for over 50 years, and captures “real to life” urban scenes through his work. He was inspired to begin creating art early in his life. “I realized at an early age of a God given talent for creativity and imaging.” Today, you can view and shop his artwork online at www.pixels.com/leonardo-ruggieri.

"NYC Resurrection" by Leonardo Ruggieri pictured above.

Do your own thing and let it speak.
Leonardo Ruggieri

As an artist, Leonardo enjoys the freedom creating art brings him. He describes it as, “Freedom of self and worldly expressions of all things beautiful and ugly.” He enjoys the work of artist Edward Hooper from the early thirties. In his own work, Leonardo is often inspired to create a piece spontaneously through everyday life. “The subject has to really capture my emotion and will to do a painting.” 

"Balooning on the NJ Shore" by Leonardo Ruggieri pictured above.

To aspiring artists, Leonardo encourages individuality. “Do your own thing and let it speak.” He discovered Golden State Art when searching for clear bags for his prints. “I want to keep my matting expenses down and not overcharge customers for my work.” Leonardo is currently working on pieces influenced by the war in Ukraine. “I do a lot of political paintings and right now the conflict of an unjust occupation in Ukraine is fueling a painting project.” To keep up with this and future projects, visit Leonardo’s website below.

Leonardo’s Website: www.pixels.com/leonardo-ruggieri