Watercolor of Peonies by Elena Cronin pictured above.

Elena Cronin is an artist of over forty years based in New England. She has an educational background in art, and has dedicated her retirement to creating it. “I attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. There I studied painting, drawing and print-making with a special emphasis on the techniques of the old masters.” She offers her art for sale on her website, www.elenacroninart.com, and has recently started an Etsy shop as well. 

Painting is all encompassing, when I am working on a piece of art all time disappears. It is the perfect meditation tool!
Elena Cronin

Elena was inspired to begin creating art during her childhood surrounded by the nature of New England. “I spent my summers roaming the woods and coasts of Maine. There I grew to appreciate the natural beauty of the land and seascapes around me. My love of nature led me to watercolors.” As an artist, she enjoys the process of creating and the peace it brings. “I enjoy playing with composition, often using diagonals and swirling patterns to create the feeling of motion. Painting is all encompassing, when I am working on a piece of art all time disappears. It is the perfect meditation tool!” 

Elena’s favorite painting is a piece by Edouard Manet entitled, “The Balcony.” “I love the way the figures emote and the amazing composition.” In her own work, she enjoys painting landscapes and wildlife. “I find that landscapes give me the freedom to play with light and composition while birds let me play with composition to create movement.” 

Watercolor of Mackerel Cove Bailey Island, Maine by Elena Cronin pictured above.

When beginning a new project or piece, Elena is inspired by the environment around her. “I am inspired by the natural landscape. If it evokes a feeling then I can produce a good painting. If it doesn't I know I will get nowhere.” Her advice to aspiring artists is to create art as much as possible. “My advice to aspiring artists is to paint as much as you can. But don't force it yourself if you are not in the mood. It should be fun not a chore. Show your work to other people and you will find that their encouragement will inspire you to continue.” 

Elena found Golden State Art through a search on Amazon for mat boards. “You have quality products at affordable prices. I am able to offer matted works to my customers.” 

Visit Elena’s Website and social media below to connect with her and purchase her work: 

Elena’s Website: www.elenacroninart.com

Elena’s Instagram: @elenacroninart

Elena’s Facebook: @elenacroninart

View more of Elena's beautiful artwork below.