"Superior Sunset" by Christina Keith pictured above.

Christina Keith is an artist and educator based in Minnesota. “I am a multidisciplinary artist and educator who lives and works outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve been teaching and building my art business for the past ten years. Most of my work fits within the category of “mixed media painting”. I begin each piece with layers of acrylic paint, use a gel medium transfer method to incorporate graphic imagery into the middle ground of my paintings, and then add multiple detail layers on top.” She offers her art for sale on her website, www.christinakeithstudios.com.

"Structure at Sea" by Christina Keith pictured above.

Spend as much time as possible creating, experimenting, learning from others, and refining your abilities!
Christina Keith

Christina was inspired to begin creating art in school. “I’ve loved creating for as long as I can remember. I was lucky to have some really inspirational art teachers in both high school and college who inspired me to pursue a creative career.” As a photographer, she enjoys overcoming challenges when creating art. “I love the challenges that come with consistently engaging in the creative process. I also really enjoy building relationships with others through creating and sharing my work, and through teaching!” 

"Into the Great Wide Open" by Christina Keith pictured above.

Christina’s personal favorite piece is entitled “Water High and Rising”. “Through the painting process, I was able to push myself to add more detail and texture when compared to past paintings. This piece also marks the first time I experimented with adding subtle color to the maps within the backgrounds of my paintings.” She enjoys depicting water in her artwork. “It’s both difficult and relaxing, and I find the process meditative.” 

"Water High and Rising" by Christina Keith pictured above.

When beginning a new project or piece, Christina is often inspired by nature and her travels. “I gain a lot of inspiration from local, natural scenery as well as photos and imagery from past road trips across the U.S. and Canada. Sometimes, I develop compositions from multiple photo references to create spaces that lie between real and imagined.” To aspiring artists, she encourages constantly working on your artwork. “Spend as much time as possible creating, experimenting, learning from others, and refining your abilities! Don’t be afraid to ask for help or feedback, and try not to fear rejection. Put yourself out there by applying to shows, galleries, and opportunities.” 

Christina discovered Golden State Art through an online search. “I had been looking for quality, affordable matting and framing options for prints, and yours fit the bill very nicely! Your products help me provide reliable, quality framing options for clients. The affordability of your products fit with my mission of creating opportunities for people to purchase art at a variety of price points.”

To view more of her artwork and connect with her, visit Christina's links below.

Christina's Website: www.christinakeithstudios.com

Christina's Instagram: @christina_keith_studios

Christina's Facebook: @ChristinaKeithStudios