"Curiouser and Curiouser" by Bryan Collins pictured above. 

Bryan Collins is an artist and author residing in St. Augustine, Florida. In 2006, he became a visual artist full-time after having been interested in the arts his entire life. Bryan offers his artwork for sale on his Etsy, and you can read more about Bryan on his website, www.useeverycolor.com. You can also visit his website to check out and purchase his debut fantasy-adventure novel, Sewn Together (A Tale from Tilwater 1).

Bryan Collins holding his piece "Esqueleto"

With art I can create worlds, creatures, beings, and so on. I love the endless possibilities, and the power to bring into existence something that did not previously exist.
Bryan Collins

Bryan was inspired to become an artist himself through the art he was exposed to all around him growing up. “The first real awe of art was given to me by M.C. Escher, Norman Rockwell, various comic book illustrators, cereal boxes, or anything else expressive and exciting. Cover art on fantasy novels and illustrations in Dungeons & Dragons books made me crave images that woke unreached parts of the mind.” He enjoys being an artist for the freedom and creativity it brings him. “With art I can create worlds, creatures, beings, and so on. I love the endless possibilities, and the power to bring into existence something that did not previously exist.”

Greg “Craola” Simkins’ “The Escape Artist” is one of Bryan’s favorite works. “His ability to take the mind to new places is astounding, and this piece in particular really speaks to me with the surreal nautical theme that it carries.” In his own work, Bryan enjoys creating nautical fantasy art, among other subjects. “I create a variety of work revolving around pop culture. Requests for art based on movies, television shows, comics, and video games are constant.”

"Underwater Skull" by Bryan Collins pictured above.

When starting a new piece or project, Bryan is inspired by his family. “There are many visual artists and musicians who inspire me, but in all honesty, it's my three children who keep me young and motivated. Their advice, suggestions, and critique are invaluable, as is their praise.” To aspiring artists, Bryan emphasizes the danger of comparison. “It's vital to not demean where you are in your path. Too much self-analysis leads to discouragement, which is a creative killer, so you can't compare your work to someone who's been doing it for decades longer than you. Also, and perhaps most importantly, the finished product is not the reward. The process should be where you find joy. When that is achieved, you'll find yourself putting in all the work needed to make great art.”

Bryan found Golden State Art through Amazon while searching for backing boards for his prints. “Between multiple gallery spaces, online stores, and the in-person events I do nearly every weekend, I go through a large number of backing boards. Golden State makes it easy to get supplies delivered to my studio quickly and at a fair price.”

Check out Bryan’s website and social media below to view his current work. “There are multiples series that I currently have open, including the Funky Fish, Innsmouth Denizens, Coffee Girls, Adopt-A-Monster, and a new Underwater Skull series. I've also just published my first fantasy-adventure novel, Sewn Together (A Tale From Tiltwater 1), available at any major retailer.”

Website: www.useeverycolor.com

Instagram: @useeverycolor

Facebook: @bryancollinsart

View more of Bryans work below:

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