"Spring Bloom" by Anuraag Sood pictured above. 

Anuraag G Sood is a physician, artist and photographer based in Maryland. She began painting four years ago, and has loved photography her entire life. “[I have] no official training in either, just passion!” She started her business HeartScapesArt MD in 2018 as a way to share her artwork and love for the arts with others. She offers many pieces for sale on her website, and all proceeds are donated to cancer associations within her area. To support Anuraag and this cause, visit heartscapesartmd.com

Never give up, no one gets to perfection in a day. Keep creating, follow your heart, you never know where it will take you.
Anuraag Sood

Anuraag was inspired to begin creating art during a challenging time in her life when art was a way for her to heal and stay positive. "My mission is to use funds to raise money for cancer centers and support causes close to my heart.” She enjoys creating art for its meditative nature and ability to connect you with your inner self. 

Anuraag is inspired by nature and finds that she enjoys all art featuring it. “It is a teacher and has most of the answers we seek. So naturally anything to do with nature ends up on my favorites list. I did a piece recently where the Sky, water and land meet in harmony. That would be my favorite!” 

"Seascapes" by Anuraag Sood pictured above.

Anuraag is inspired by things that take her breath away or makes her happy. “I wish to bring that to others.” To aspiring artists, Anuraag encourages never giving up on your art. “Never give up, no one gets to perfection in a day. Keep creating, follow your heart, you never know where it will take you.” 

Anuraag found Golden State Art when looking for matting for her paintings to be displayed at an exhibition. “[I] have recommended the website to many since. There are good options for getting my artwork ready for display/mail.” 

"Hummingbird" by Anuraag Sood pictured above.

Anuraag also accepts commission work and hopes to hold fundraisers for cancer centers this fall, “God Willing/Pandemic allowing!” To stay up to date on Anuraag’s art and fundraising, visit her website and social media below. 

Anuraag's Website: heartscapesartmd.com

Anuraag's Instagram: @heartscapesartmd

Anuraag's Facebook: @heartscapesartmd

View more of Anuraag's beautiful artwork below.