You just got back from an awesome day out on the town, and you got some awesome shots along the way.

Your trip to Europe is, sadly, over, but at least your SD card is full.

Your drawing class has ended, and your sketchbook is overflowing.

You visited an estate sale and found a beautiful painting of your favorite flower.

No matter how you express yourself, or inherit others’ expression, through art, it is important to preserve and display it. Don’t be afraid to be proud of your work, and show it off. What better way to do this than with a frame? Here we have the top 4 best reasons to frame your artwork.

1. Preserve it.

The last thing you want is for your artwork to be fade with age. They say pictures are temporary, and that memories last forever, but we say you can have both! If you will be using mat in your frame, it is important to ensure it is acid free.

2. Show it off.

What’s the point of keeping your work in your phone, or your drawings hidden away in a book? Framing these items not only help to give them some breathing room, but they also become a topic of conversation, and something your guests will no doubt appreciate seeing.

3. Enhance it.

Sometimes, your artwork needs a companion to give it that extra special touch. A frame can help to enhance its appearance, and give it a more finished look.

4. Be creative. 

With so many different frames in so many different styles, you can say goodbye to blank walls. Frames can help to liven up the room, and enhance the space around you. Even choosing your frame is a creative experience. Surrounded by memories or your creative expression, you are guaranteed to be more productive and happy in your own space.


It’s not up to us to decide whether or not you should frame your art. But doing so can open up new opportunities for both your art and your creativity.

Be sure to check out some of the options that we offer, and show us your framed art in the comments below!