"Who's Who?" by Kenn Vidro pictured above.

Kenn Vidro is a recently retired art instructor residing in Rockford, Michigan. He taught within the Rockford Public School system for nearly 40 years, exercising his own creativity through art and authoring a series of riddle and tongue twister books. “I totally love teaching and being involved in the creative process with students as well as myself! I also self-publish, illustrate, and author a series of riddle and tongue twister books.” Kenn attended Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Valley State University in Michigan and leans on the support of his family. “I have 9 beautiful granddaughters and one very handsome grandson. I also have 4 awesome kids and an extremely understanding and very pretty wife!" He offers his artwork and books for sale on his website, squarepears.com

Imagination is an incredible "gift" and should be utilized to the fullest!
Kenn Vidro

Kenn’s own work is heavily inspired by the work of Walt Disney and Dr. Suess, with a portion of his work being characters created by these influential artists. They were the source that sparked Kenn’s interest in becoming an artist. He enjoys sharing his work with others and the response he receives when doing so. “I truly enjoy the appreciation people show for an artist's talent.” Kenn also appreciates the role of imagination in the creation of art. "Imagination is an incredible "gift" and should be utilized to the fullest!”

"Out of This World" by Kenn Vidro pictured above. 

Kenn enjoys creating fan art most of all in his work and gets many of his ideas from his family and friends. His art is also sometimes derived from customer requests and inspiration. For aspiring artists, Kenn believes that practice is key. “Practice every day...even if it's a doodle.”

Kenn was referred to the Golden State Art website by a fellow artist and friends of his and has been using our products ever since for his artwork. “The top-notch and overall quality of your product helps me sell mine.” Visit Kenn's website and social media below to connect with him, view more of his artwork, and purchase it! 

Kenn's Website: squarepears.com

Kenn's Instagram: @kennvidro

Kenn's Facebook: Kenn Vidro

View more of Kenn's work below! 

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